Get Effective Bearing Repair Service for Rare Bearings


Bearing Service has been providing customers throughout the country with superior repair services for a wide range of bearings, including discontinued parts that are no longer in production. 

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We Provide Training to Set Up Your Employees for Success


Since 1943, Bearing Service has been providing clients throughout the country with the best in bearing repair and supply services. 

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Effective Bearing Repair Services


If you have older equipment in your business, you may run into difficulty when it comes to finding the right bearings to keep it running. This means that when bearings are damaged, that machine will suffer from downtime, and it could be a long while before you find a replacement part, if you can find a replacement part at all. 

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Power Transmission Products to Keep Your Machinery Running Smoothly


For nearly 80 years, Bearing Service has been providing businesses in Michigan and throughout the United States with all of the power transmission products they need to keep their machinery running properly and avoid any costly downtime to the business. 

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Quality Roller Bearings from a Dependable Source


For nearly 80 years, Bearing Service has worked hard to fulfill our mission of building strong, long-term relationships with our client base. We have done this by establishing and maintaining a high standard of quality while also providing innovative solutions and responding quickly to emergency situations. 

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Sign that Your Bearings Might Be Failing

Sign that Your Bearings Might Be Failing


A machine with a failed bearing can be extremely frustrating and cause a major interruption to your day-to-day business operation. No matter how big or small your operation is, these slowdowns or shutdowns can cost you a lot of time and money that can have negative effects on your production schedule and your overall profit margin. 

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We Offer the Bearing Services and Products You Need for Your Business


For decades, Bearing Services has been the leading supplier of all types of bearings for customers throughout the United States. 

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Need Help with Rare Bearings? We Can Provide Superior Bearing Repair Service

Need Help with Rare Bearings? We Can Provide Superior Bearing Repair Service


Bearing Service is the industry leader when it comes to reliable, effective bearing repair service for a wide selection of bearings, including older types that are no longer in production. 

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Bearing Service Can Train Your Employees for Success

Bearing Service Can Train Your Employees for Success


Bearing Service offers numerous training classes for things like Bearing Installation & Maintenance, Linear Motion, and more, giving your employees the skills they need to increase efficiency and productivity in your business. 

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Superior Customer Service for Your Bearing Needs

Superior Customer Service for Your Bearing Needs


Since 1943, Bearing Service has provided superior products and services to customers in Southwest Michigan and throughout the United States. 

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Keep Machinery with Discontinued Bearings Running Smoothly with Bearing Repair Services


Bearing Service offers a full range of bearing repair services for businesses throughout Michigan, the United States, and even abroad. While we do carry a full line of new parts and bearings, there are cases in which repair services can be more affordable and more successful than trying to source replacement parts.

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Quality Power Transmission Products


Bearing Service can provide you with a full range of power transmission products to keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently. 

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Learn About Our Bearing Repair Process


Bearing Service offers supreme bearing repair services to help keep your equipment running properly. For some older parts, it can be difficult to find places who can source your older bearings for restocking. 

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Get the Training Your Employees Need From Bearing Service


In addition to providing the best in bearing repair and products in the industry, Bearing Service can also provide you with the training that all of your employees need to ensure that they have the tools and knowhow to successfully complete their work. 

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How to Recognize the Causes of Bearing Failure


When you have expensive machinery to maintain, you know how frustrating that bearing failure can be. No matter if you are running a massive international assembly line or a small manufacturer making just a few products, any sort of slowdowns or shutdowns caused by component failure can be disastrous to your production schedule and to your bottom line. 

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We Offer Effective Bearing Repair Services


If you need bearing repair for your business, Bearing Service can provide you with the effective results you need to keep your operation running smoothly. 

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Shop the Best Selection of Roller Bearings and so Much More


Bearing Service has been the leading supplier of the best spherical, precision, needle, ball, and roller bearings from the best manufacturers in the industry.

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Source Your Bearings from a Company Dedicated to Customer Service


For nearly 80 years, Bearing Service has built a stellar reputation for unmatched customer service and innovative product lines while building long-term relationships with your customer base. 

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At Bearing Service, we know that getting the right parts and components you need

Make Sure Your Staff is Fully Prepared with our Training Courses


At Bearing Service, we know that getting the right parts and components you need is only part of the process. If your employees lack the knowledge of how to properly use these parts and components, it can cost your business extra time and money getting your personnel prepared to do their work.

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We Offer Bearing Repair Service for even the Hardest-to-Find Bearings

We Offer Bearing Repair Service for even the Hardest-to-Find Bearings


Bearing Service can provide you with quality, reliable bearing repair service for even the rarest bearings in the industry. With the progressive nature of technology, it is inevitable that certain bearings will be out of production and extremely difficult to find and re-stock.

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Roller Bearings

Learn About High-Quality Roller Bearings from Bearing Service


For many years at Bearing Service, we have lived by our mission of providing our customers with the highest level of satisfaction imaginable by offering them innovative solutions, which results in long term relationships, anticipated future needs to increase sales, and being highly responsive to their emergency solutions. In today’s post, we are going to discuss the types of roller bearings we have to offer at Bearing Service.

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Bearing Repair

What Causes Bearing Failure? And Where Can You Get Quality Bearing Repair?


No matter how careful you are, there’s always a chance of bearing failure. Even if you stick to a strict, regular maintenance routine, component failure can occur. While this is often a disheartening occurrence that can impact productivity and profitability, it’s important to understand that it’s not the end of the world. As a professional provider of bearing repair, Bearing Service has seen and worked with it all: large bearings, hard-to-find bearings, custom bearings, and more. We have what it takes to repair — or replace — nearly any kind of bearing, no matter how challenging.

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Bearing Service Wins Prestigious Rexnord Trailblazer Award


Bearing Service Inc. has received one of Rexnord’s top Trailblazer honors. Each year Rexnord recognizes the Trailblazer with the largest dollar growth and highest percentage growth in shipments. Bearing Service Inc. led the Trailblazer group with the largest percentage growth in shipments from 2019 to 2020, achieving a 16.6% increase in Rexnord shipments.

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Bearing Installation

Looking to Save Money and Empower Your Staff? Consider Bearing Installation Training!


If you’ve ever had to hire an outside company to perform your company’s bearing installation, you know how expensive it can be. You also know that it can lead to extended downtime as you schedule the installation, shut down the affected lines, and wait for the technicians to arrive. Beyond the costs of actually having your new bearings installed, the costs of this temporary shutdown can be considerable. And, on top of that, they can impact employee morale as productivity is impacted and hours are cut. What if you could eliminate this wait time? What if you could preserve your uptime and keep your employees happy?

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Bearing Repair

Working with Discontinued Bearings? Fix Them with Our Bearing Repair Services!


If your operation is reliant upon hard-to-find or discontinued bearings, you know how important quality, time-sensitive bearing repair services are. You know how harrowing it can be when an irreplaceable bearing breaks down… and how worrisome it is when you have to halt production to wait on repairs. Thankfully, the team at Bearing Service can help. With years of experience working with difficult-to-find and discontinued bearings, we are the industry’s go-to source for high-quality, cost-effective bearing repair.

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Bearing Maintenance

Bearing Maintenance Training & More from the Industry’s Expert


If you’re interested in learning to perform bearing maintenance, bearing installation, precision spindle repair, or a range of other services, you’re in the right place! Bearing Service is the industry’s expert on all things bearing and linear motion related. With over seventy years of experience, we’re continually working to expand our knowledge base, improve our services, and — of course — provide our customers with high-quality, informative training sessions. We offer classes on linear motion fundamentals, bearing maintenance, mechanical gear drive basics, and more.

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Power Transmission Products

Work With the Most Versatile Distributor of Bearings and Power Transmission Products


If you've been looking for a reliable, proven distributor of your operation's essential bearings and power transmission products, we can assure you that you're in the right place! Bearing Service has been a leading provider of power transmission products for over a half century. With experience serving a wide range of industries, we are able to call upon the market's leading manufacturers, from Alemite and Kaydon to Loctite and Lubriko. No matter what your needs are – or your application – we're certain that our versatility can strengthen your operation and, more importantly, give you the dependability that you need to operate confidently.

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Power Transmission Products

Need a Flexible, Proven Supplier of High-Quality Power Transmission Products?


When you want to work with the absolute best supplier of power transmission products, you owe it to yourself – and your company – to work with Bearing Service. With a massive, unparalleled selection of chain couplings, clutches, gears, idlers, pulleys, QD bushings, and much, much more, we are the industry’s go-to source. Better yet, with over half a century of experience, we are recognized as the most knowledgeable, most capable, and most experienced provider in the business. When you work with us, you can count on us to listen to your concerns, develop solutions, and provide clear, efficient answers.

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The Importance of Sourcing from a Supplier Committed to Innovation and Customer Service


Since 1943, Bearing Service has dedicated itself to superior customer service, innovating within our product lines, and cultivating long-term relationships. Carrying products from over 300 of the world's leading manufacturers, including Rexnord, Timken, NTN, Schaeffler, and SKF, we have the ability to source a wide range of bearings, seals, and power transmission and linear motion products. With four branch locations that serve our customer base in Michigan, the United States, and the world, our staff is tasked with ensuring that every customer – with every order – is afforded the absolute best customer service possible.

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Bearing Repair

Preserve Your Profitability with Affordable, Effective Bearing Repair


As a way to address broken bearings that are otherwise difficult to replace, bearing repair is an ideal solution. Whether your operation is utilizing discontinued equipment or unsupported parts, finding replacement bearings can be exceedingly difficult. And, when disaster strikes, you may find yourself facing a substantial amount of downtime while you search — often in vain — for a suitable replacement. But, with the repair services available from Bearing Service, you can rest assured that you’ll be back up and running in no time.

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