RexnordRexnord is a diversified multi-platform industrial company that manufactures and markets power transmission and water management products. Rexnord is driven to provide innovative solutions and deliver superior service to our customers by applying a philosophy of continuous improvement to all aspects of their business.

People who run mission critical operations rely on Rexnord to keep their enterprise moving at thousands of facilities around the world. At the base of a mine or at 50,000 feet-and everywhere in between-Rexnord means reliability. Rexnord products are engineered to meet cost and performance criteria to ensure the most efficient solution for specific applications. Rexnord's role as a partner is one that positively affects the bottom line, delivering real value to every operation.

Rexnord Inc. is comprised of the well known and globally respected brands of Rexnord, Falk, Link-Belt, MB and Marbett.

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