What kind of grease do you use to lubricate your bearings? Can you use the same grease for every application?  How can you mount a bearing when your shaft is worn? How can you keep a bolt and nut from loosening on your pillow block?

These and many other questions can be answered through the use of many of our accessory products which are designed to:

  • Lubricate
  • Position
  • Connect
  • Bond
  • Seal
  • Penetrate
  • Dissolve
  • Prevent corrosion
  • Fasten
  • Anti-seize

We stock a variety of products which enhance the life of your equipment or make it easier to assemble or repair. 

Here is a list of Manufacturers / Brands that we represent:

  • Alemite - lubrication equipment
  • Collars & Couplings - shaft collars and rigid couplings
  • Loctite - complete line of chemicals including adhesives, sealants, threadlockers, cyanoacrylates, epoxies, greases, and more
  • LPS - complete line of aerosol chemicals and greases
  • Lubriko - specialty greases and oils
  • Whittet-Higgins - precision locknuts and lockwashers; dead blow hammers
  • Aegis- precision shaft grounding rings
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