Whittet-HigginsWhittet-Higgins Company is a global leader in design and manufacture of industrial retaining devices. 

Their many locknut products include:

  • Mechanical lock - Precision locknuts including Bearlok & Shoelok
  • Prevailing torque - W-H's exclusive Bearhug locknut
  • Precision series - Increased accuracy for spindle applications
  • Nuts meeting standards of SAE/AFBMA/ABMA/ANSI/ISO/MIL
  • Unique W-H locknuts and lockwashers
  • Adapter sleeves - SNW series for use with tapered bore bearings
  • Collars - plain and threaded - set screw, one and two piece clamp
  • Tools - Lixie dead blow hammers
  • Hardened tongued washers

Whittet-Higgins offers products in a variety of configurations and materials including hardened steel, left handed, metric, stainless, and aluminum. All Whittet-Higgins products are manufactured in the United States to exacting standards. Compared to other manufacturers of locknuts, W-H offers greater accuracy, allowing for superior holding power in extreme applications.

Here is a list of Products we carry for this Manufacturer:

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