Linear Motion

While most bearing applications involve supporting a load on a rotating shaft, some applications exist where the movement of a load is required in a linear (back and forth) direction.

Common applications requiring linear motion are:

  • Indexing - packaging, machining, welding
  • Sliding - painting, ergonomics, transporting parts

Linear motion requires the use of an actuator to cause the load to move. Common actuators are hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders, as well as ball or threaded screws. 

Bearing Service, Inc. is a distributor of mechanical actuators and linear motion components including:

  • Ball screws - rolled and ground threads; ball nuts and flanges; wipers
  • Acme screws - coarse threaded shaft and bronze nut
  • Jacks - all-in-one lifting device using ball or acme screws
  • Combination actuators/Monocarriers - combined package containing ball screw, bearing support and table
  • Linear ball bushings
  • Precision shafting
  • Shaft supports and rails
  • Profile rails and carriages
  • Cross rollers and guide ways
  • Bellows

Here is a list of Manufacturers / Brands that we represent:

  • NB Corporation - full line linear motion bearing products and accessories
  • NSK Corporation - profile rail systems, ball screws, actuators
  • Schaeffler Group (INA) - full line linear motion bearing products and accessories
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