Protective bellows can be made to suit a large variety of applications including linear ball screws, linear rail guides, and hydraulic and pneumatic applications. Installing protection bellows can reduce maintenance frequency and improve product performance and life by reducing or eliminating contamination. Utilizing bellows also contributes to improved safety on automated equipment. When specifying or ordering a protective bellows for a square rail linear carriage, it is important for to know the type of rail being used, the type and number of carriages, and the centerline distance between the guide rails if two are used in parallel. Most linear bearing manufacturers offer protective bellows for their product lines. There are also many manufacturers that specialize in bellows and can manufacturer to customer specifications.

Here is a list of Manufacturers / Brands that we represent:

  • A &A /Gortite
  • Milwaukee Protective Covers
  • Centry Co.
  • Nabell
  • CQM

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