Screw Jacks

Screw Jacks

A screw jack is a mechanism for lifting and supporting loads, usually of large size. Some screw jacks are designed to lift as much as 100 tons. A screw jack consists of a thrust collar and a nut which rides on a bolt. The threads between the nut and bolt normally have a square shape. Screw jacks are available in standard configurations such as upright or inverted, can be left or right handed, utilize translating or rotating screws and are available with top plate, clevis or threaded ends.

Screw jacks are often found on the underside corners of equipment or conveyors, supporting the load and allowing for equipment height to be adjusted. Precise positioning, self locking and uniform lifting speeds are all characteristics achieved by utilizing a screw jacks system.

Here is a list of Manufacturers / Brands that we represent:

  • Duff Norton
  • Joyce Dayton
  • Nook
  • SKF
  • Uni-Lift
  • Precision Technology USA
  • DieQua

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