Ball Bushings

Ball Bushings

A ball bushing is type of ball bearing that allows motion of the shaft in an axial or linear direction. Ball bushing bearings are similar to a plain bushing in terms of construction, but have rows of balls. Ball bushings reduce friction while increasing stiffness, accuracy, and smoothness. Ball bushings are made of open or closed construction. Open ball bushings ride on continuously or intermittentl-supported round shafts, while closed ball bushings ride on end-supported shafts.

Several different types and options of ball bushings are available, including recirculating ball, non-recirculating ball, linear motion, rotary motion, self-aligning and preloaded. Ball bushings are available as a stand alone product or in standardized housings similar to mounted ball bearing units.

Here is a list of Manufacturers / Brands that we represent:

  • Danaher Motion (Thomson)
  • INA (Schaeffler)
  • NB
  • IKO
  • Nook
  • THK
  • Lee
  • Star
  • SKF
  • PBC Linear

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