ReginaRegina is an Italian manufacturer known for its top of the line solutions for conveying and power transmission applications. 

Among its many products are the following;

  • ULTOP, Flite Top and Matveyor - Product for the food and beverage industries - advanced thermoplastic resins, stainless and carbon steels
  • Attachment and conveyor chains - Include carbon and stainless steel chains with standard and special attachments, hollow pins, extended pins, plastic rollers and sidebow chains
  • Transmission roller chains - Single and multiple strands, American and European standards, heavy and special E-series. Oil field chains manufactured to A.P.I. standards.

Regina products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 certified quality systems for distribution in the North and Central American Markets. Whether it is a standard product or a custom design, Regina is committed to continuous improvement through better design, better materials and state of the art manufacturing methods.

Here is a list of Products we carry for this Manufacturer:

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