LoctiteLoctite made its official debut at a press conference at the University Club in New York on July 26,1956. The promise of solving the age old problem of loose nuts and bolts in machines and appliances, a problem customers had long ago accepted as unsolvable, led to an incredible flow of inquiries. In the 1960's, the Cyanoacrylate, Superglue, was developed under the Loctite brand. The development of further generations of Loctite anaerobic and cyanoacrylate technology and products soon followed. In 1997, Loctite was acquired by Henkel Corporation. Applications for Loctite products include bonding, coating, concrete repair, flooring, gasketing, lubricating, machine compounds, potting and encapsulating, repairing, rebuilding and restoring, retaining, sealing, surface preparation, thread sealing and threadlocking.

Among the recent innovations from Loctite, common threadlockers such as 242 and 271 are now available in both a stick and gel form, reducing over-application of material for fastener applications.

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