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Regal Power Transmission Solutions, a business of Regal Beloit Corporation, is a family of respected product brands that supply a variety of power transmission components designed to increase both uptime and productivity. Each of Regal Power Transmission's brands brings years of time-tested reliability and proven performance results. Together they deliver a product line unparalleled in its breadth.

  • Browning - a world leader in V-belt drives, also offers a broad spectrum of other efficient power transmission products - gearing, bearings, other drives and components.
  • Morse - well known for its performance proven roller chain drives, Morse also manufactures and markets clutches, worm gear products and other widely utilized equipment, including conveying components.
  • Sealmaster - the world's premier quality mounted bearing line and includes the renowned Sealmaster Gold Line. Choose from the broadest selection of stock sizes as well as a wide selection of custom designs.
  • Rollway - products are offered in over 2,000 different types of cylindrical roller bearings, cylindrical thrust bearings and tapered roller bearings. They are utilized widely in gear boxes, large hydraulic pumps, off highway and extrusion equipment.  
  • Kop-Flex - heavy duty industrial shaft couplings and technology serve industrial applications from pumps to compressors in petrochemical, process, pulp and paper and metal rolling industries. The couplings are offered in gear, tapered grid, flexible metallic disc, and resilient shaft types, manufactured to the highest quality standards.
  • McGill - patented the famous Camrol cam follower bearing more than 60 years ago. It's still the industry leader, offered today in over 1,400 different combinations and configurations.
  • Foote-Jones - founded in 1859, Foote-Jones manufactures shaft mounted, worm gear, helical, and spiral bevel gear drives for applications such as paper making equipment, rock crushers, forestry, and mining equipment.
  • System Plast - a global leader in high quality plastic conveyor chains, modular plastic belts, and industry-leading conveying components.
  • Hub City - Over 50% of Hub City’s products are either modified or completely customized. One of the best benefits of doing business with Hub City is its exceptional engineering capabilities. A company on the leading edge of technology, Hub City takes pride in understanding its customers' needs and in providing cost effective solutions.

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