Timing Belts

Timing Belts

A timing belt is a general term utilized for a type of belting that is flat and has teeth. Timing belts are used to transmit power or to interchange rotary motion and linear motion, where either high loads or maintaining a specific drive ratio are important. Timing belts are also referred to as synchronous belts. When utilized in power transmission, timing belts are much more efficient and quieter than both V belt and chain drive systems. Timing belts are predominantly available in rubber, but timing belts manufactured out of urethane are becoming increasingly popular.

Here is a list of Manufacturers / Brands that we represent:

  • Carlisle (Dayco)
  • Regal PTS (Browning)
  • Jason Industrial
  • Bando
  • Thermoid
  • Brecoflex
  • Ametric
  • Trico
  • Altra Motion (TB Wood)

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