HTD Drives

HTD Drives

HTD stands for High Torque Drive and refers to a drive system utilizing belting that has a curvilinear tooth, improving on torque capacity over traditional timing and V belt drives. A HTD drives utilizes belts and belt “sprockets”, providing timing and synchronization accuracy. HTD drives are more efficient transmitters of power than traditional chain or V Belt drives. HTD belts and HTD belt sprockets utilize metric dimensions. Many manufacturers offer interchangeable series. Standard HTD belts are manufactured out of rubber, however over the last 15 years, urethane belting has become increasingly popular in HTD drives.

Here is a list of Manufacturers / Brands that we represent:

  • Carlisle- Dayco
  • Gates Corporation
  • Regal PTS (Browning)
  • Jason Industrial
  • Bando
  • Thermoid
  • Brecoflex
  • Ametric
  • Trico
  • Altra Motion (TB Woods)
  • Martin Sprocket & Gear

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