Shaft Collars

Shaft Collars

The shaft collar is a simple, yet important, machine component found in many power transmission applications. The collars are used as mechanical stops, locating components and bearing faces. The simple design of a shaft collar lends itself to easy installation. The two main types of shaft collars are the set screw collar and the clamping collar. Shaft collars are available in many materials, such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum and nylon materials.

The set screw shaft collar was the original collar utilized in industrial applications. Set screw shaft collars utilize a solid ring and screws that screw directly into the shaft. Set screw shaft collars are best used when the material of the shaft is softer than the set screw. Unfortunately, the set screw causes damage to the shaft which makes the collar harder to adjust or remove.

Clamping shaft collars come in one and two-piece designs that utilize screws to compress the collar and lock it into place around the shaft. The ease of use is maintained with the clamp shaft collar design, eliminating shaft damage. Since the screws compress the collar, a uniform distribution of force is imposed on the shaft, leading to a holding power that is nearly twice that of set screw shaft collars.

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