Approximately 80% of bearing failures result when inadequate or improper lubrication is applied. Improper lubrication shortens the life of bearings resulting in production downtime and increased maintenance costs. Utilizing automatic lubricators ensures that the proper lubricant is being used for a given application. Automatic lubricators keep proper lubricant levels in bearings, keeping equipment running smoothly and preventing contamination.   

Manual lubrication can be effective when done consistently and properly, however inaccessibility to lube points and the time commitment required often lead to neglect. Automatic lubricators eliminate this issue by consistently applying the correct lubrication over a set period of time. The best preventive maintenance practice is to consistently apply a metered amount of lubricant to the bearing over a defined period of time. Automatic lubrication systems are the most effective and economical method to ensure reliable lubrication to equipment.

Here is a list of Manufacturers / Brands that we represent:

  • Timken
  • Alemite
  • Lubesite
  • Lubriplate Lubricants
  • NTN
  • SKF

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