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Effective Bearing Repair Services


If you have older equipment in your business, you may run into difficulty when it comes to finding the right bearings to keep it running. This means that when bearings are damaged, that machine will suffer from downtime, and it could be a long while before you find a replacement part, if you can find a replacement part at all. 

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Power Transmission Products to Keep Your Machinery Running Smoothly


For nearly 80 years, Bearing Service has been providing businesses in Michigan and throughout the United States with all of the power transmission products they need to keep their machinery running properly and avoid any costly downtime to the business. 

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Quality Roller Bearings from a Dependable Source


For nearly 80 years, Bearing Service has worked hard to fulfill our mission of building strong, long-term relationships with our client base. We have done this by establishing and maintaining a high standard of quality while also providing innovative solutions and responding quickly to emergency situations. 

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Need Help with Rare Bearings? We Can Provide Superior Bearing Repair Service

Need Help with Rare Bearings? We Can Provide Superior Bearing Repair Service


Bearing Service is the industry leader when it comes to reliable, effective bearing repair service for a wide selection of bearings, including older types that are no longer in production. 

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Superior Customer Service for Your Bearing Needs

Superior Customer Service for Your Bearing Needs


Since 1943, Bearing Service has provided superior products and services to customers in Southwest Michigan and throughout the United States. 

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Get the Training Your Employees Need From Bearing Service


In addition to providing the best in bearing repair and products in the industry, Bearing Service can also provide you with the training that all of your employees need to ensure that they have the tools and knowhow to successfully complete their work. 

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How to Recognize the Causes of Bearing Failure


When you have expensive machinery to maintain, you know how frustrating that bearing failure can be. No matter if you are running a massive international assembly line or a small manufacturer making just a few products, any sort of slowdowns or shutdowns caused by component failure can be disastrous to your production schedule and to your bottom line. 

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Bearing Service Wins Prestigious Rexnord Trailblazer Award


Bearing Service Inc. has received one of Rexnord’s top Trailblazer honors. Each year Rexnord recognizes the Trailblazer with the largest dollar growth and highest percentage growth in shipments. Bearing Service Inc. led the Trailblazer group with the largest percentage growth in shipments from 2019 to 2020, achieving a 16.6% increase in Rexnord shipments.

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Bearing Service

Looking to Increase Your Employees’ Knowledge? Bearing Service Offers Training!


Bearing Service is committed to ensuring that our customers have the products they need and the information that their operation requires. If you’ve recently hired new maintenance employees and need to train them on how to properly mount bearings, you may be a candidate for one of our customer training courses. In addition to new employees, our classes are ideal for engineers seeking to stay current with all of the latest developments in linear motion technology. Whether you’re new to the game or an old pro, we’re confident that everyone in the industry can learn something from our training courses. In today’s post, we’re going to take a closer look at a handful of the classes that we offer.

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Industrial Bearing Service

SKF to Livestream the Construction of the World’s Most Powerful Bearing Test Center


SKF, one of Bearing Service most valued manufacturers – and one of the world's leading technology providers since 1907 – recently announced their intention to construct the world's most powerful bearing test centers. Located in Schweinfurt, Germany, this massive project is projected to cost over $40 million and the facility will span nearly 2 square miles.

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