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Give Staff the Tools They Need to Properly Handle Bearings With Installation and Maintenance Training


Knowing how to properly install and maintain your machine’s bearings can prove to be useful knowledge for any worker to have. At bearing service, we understand just how important it is to have the skills necessary to handle your business machine components.

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Find the Best Products and Services for Your Bearing Needs


A trusted distributor for 80 years, Bearing Service has been meeting the needs of customers from Southwest Michigan, throughout the United States, and even abroad with the best bearing products, repair, and reclamation services for both new and obsolete products. 

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Quality Roller Bearings from a Dependable Source


For nearly 80 years, Bearing Service has worked hard to fulfill our mission of building strong, long-term relationships with our client base. We have done this by establishing and maintaining a high standard of quality while also providing innovative solutions and responding quickly to emergency situations. 

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Shop the Best Selection of Roller Bearings and so Much More


Bearing Service has been the leading supplier of the best spherical, precision, needle, ball, and roller bearings from the best manufacturers in the industry.

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Roller Bearings

Learn About High-Quality Roller Bearings from Bearing Service


For many years at Bearing Service, we have lived by our mission of providing our customers with the highest level of satisfaction imaginable by offering them innovative solutions, which results in long term relationships, anticipated future needs to increase sales, and being highly responsive to their emergency solutions. In today’s post, we are going to discuss the types of roller bearings we have to offer at Bearing Service.

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Roller Bearings

How to Improve Bearing Life with Timken TDI Mainshaft Roller Bearings


Long bearing life is essential to the performance and long-term cost-effectiveness of equipment. This statement is especially true in the case of wind turbines. With constant, repetitive motion inherent to the application, extending bearing life has a direct correlation to decreasing maintenance frequency and, as a result, reducing costs. To assist in this endeavor, one of the manufacturers that Bearing Service works with, Timken, has developed new bearings that reduce axial thrust into the gearbox by 67%, resulting in a marked improvement in component life. Additionally, the TDI Roller Bearings offer a number of additional benefits...

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Roller Bearings

Shop a Wide Selection of Roller Bearings and More from Bearing Service


For years, Bearing Service has prided itself on carrying the widest selection of spherical, precision, needle, ball, and roller bearings. With the ability to source from every major manufacturer, including NTN, Timken, Schaeffler, RBTech, and Scheerer, you can be confident – no matter your application – that we can source the bearings that you need. More importantly, our team is absolutely committed to delivering a superior customer experience that can include things like training, technical support, documented cost savings, and after hours support. In today’s post, we’re going to look at a handful of the reasons that you should source your operation’s essential parts from Bearing Service.

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Roller Bearings

Altra Industrial Motion Offers Webinar Series on Key Products


While many manufacturers are content to provide thorough product descriptions, application information, and spec sheets, Altra Industrial Motion – one of Bearing Services' manufacturers – goes one step further. Understanding that complete knowledge empowers users and allows them to get the most from their products – not to mention allows them to make informed purchases – they have created a series of webinars detailing their most popular products.

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