Altra Industrial Motion Offers Webinar Series on Key Products

Roller Bearings

While many manufacturers are content to provide thorough product descriptions, application information, and spec sheets, Altra Industrial Motion – one of Bearing Services’ manufacturers – goes one step further. Understanding that complete knowledge empowers users and allows them to get the most from their products – not to mention allows them to make informed purchases – they have created a series of webinars detailing their most popular products.

Offering these informational videos on a rotating schedule, they have already held webinars covering their Load Holding Brake Solutions for High Capacity Systems, Factors to Consider in Coupling Selection, and Proper Torque Arm Use. These webinars, aside from being highly useful for potential customers, are a great tool for anyone interested in understanding and optimizing their operation.

As a premier supplier of roller bearings, ball bearings, and power transmission products, Bearing Service is proud to work closely with manufacturers like Altra Industrial Motion. Believing the old saying, that “knowledge is power,” we love that Altra has taken the extra steps necessary to provide customers with the information that they need to really streamline their operations. This information, in combination with Altra’s history of providing superior products, helps to set them apart from the competition and, more importantly, helps build customer confidence.

At Bearing Service, we have been a leading provider of ball and roller bearings since 1943. Continually expanding our product lines and looking for new, innovative ways to exceed our customers’ expectations, we rely on a carefully selected list of manufacturers that have proven themselves capable of delivering the highest quality, most reliable bearings and power transmission products in the industry. If you’ve been searching for a new source for your operation’s essential products, we encourage you to reach out to us today to discuss how we can assist.

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