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A trusted distributor for 80 years, Bearing Service has been meeting the needs of customers from Southwest Michigan, throughout the United States, and even abroad with the best bearing products, repair, and reclamation services for both new and obsolete products. Distributing bearings from over 300 leading worldwide manufactures, bearing service can help you find the best bearing to fit any application. With an experienced team of professionals dedicated to the having best service and support, Bearing Service will help you make sure your bearing needs are met.

The Right Bearing for Any Job

Whether you need to replace a bearing, or find one that matches a specific or unique function, you can trust that Bearing service will have what you need. From Ball bearings, roller bearings, casters, thrust bearings, rod ends, Cam Followers, and more, Bearing Service has products for any job, our selection of bearings is sourced from manufacturers all over the globe, ensuring that you’ll have reliable access to the products you need when you need them.

Services For Bearings that Cannot be Replaced

Need to replace an expensive bearing, or a rare bearing that is hard to find, or even a bearing that has become obsolete or has been discontinued? Finding replacements for bearings older or more expensive bearings can be costly, difficult, and frustrating. To help with this Bearing services offers bearing repair as a cost-effective alternative to replacing these parts. Our team of professionals will assess the damage, and repair the bearings, replacing and replenishing components. If you have a large quantity of same size bearings, Bearing Service can provide a reclamation process where your bearings are degreased, inspected, polished, and reoiled to improve performance. Your rare or obsolete bearings will perform perfectly, and to ensure satisfaction repaired and reclaimed bearings have the same warranty on their materials as new products.

Whether its finding that one specific bearing from a certain manufacturer to best fit a specific job, or replacing or repairing bearings new and old, Bearing Services is dedicated to helping you find the products, and providing the support and services you need for your machines to run properly. For more information on bearings and bearing repairs, contact us, and our staff will help you find exactly what you need.   

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