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Bearing Service doesn’t only help you find high quality bearings. If you or an employee of yours needs training on bearing maintenance and installations, sourcing bearings, or the fundamentals of linear motion. Bearing Service offers training to give you and your employees the skills needed to identify, source, and maintain the right bearings for your machines. Offering courses in bearing installation and maintenance, buyer’s training, the basics of mechanical belt, chain and gear drive basics, linear motion, and precision spindle repair. Bearing offers on-site training for you and your company’s maintenance employees. 

Bearing Installation and Maintenance

If you work in bearing maintenance, it is important to be able to both properly take care of your bearings as well as identify the types of bearings necessary for your work. With our bearing installation and maintenance training course, you and your staff will learn to identify and apply different styles of ball bearings and will learn how to perform preventative measures against premature part failure.

Buyers Training

Our course in buyers training will teach you the fundamentals of bearing and power transmission products, the styles of ball and roller bearings, the different types of belting, and the uses of linear motion products.  With this course, you’ll gain a better understanding of how to identify what bearing product your business needs for each application, and how to source them.

Mechanical Belt, Chain & Gear Drives basics

Knowledge of mechanical belt, chain and gear drives are important for any maintenance staff that are working with machines that use them. With our course, you and your staff will learn the basics in maintenance and preventative measures that will extend your drive’s life and reduce downtime and maintenance expenditures.

Linear Motion   

With a course in linear motion and round rail products, managers, maintenance staff, and engineers alike can benefit from knowledge about the different types of linear motion products and their uses. From choosing the proper products to identifying different precision classes of ball screws, our course in linear motion will help your business find and apply the linear motion products it needs.

Precision Bearing & Spindle Maintenance

For applications where precision is key, precision bearing & spindle maintenance is important to maintain a machine’s capability while reducing downtime. With our training in precision Bearing and spindle maintenance, managers and maintenance staff will learn the skills needed to maintain these parts while also learning about their tolerances and limitations.

Tech Tips

Bearing Service also provides some common tech tips that will help with using some of the products that we offer. With several helpful hints, ideas, and rules of thumb about reducer lubrication, chain replacement, handling and mounting for new bearings, and V-belt drive maintenance, our tech tips are available to all our customers.

With on-site training courses, we are ready to help managers, maintenance staff and engineers get the training they need. For more information about the courses provided by Bearing Service contact us today!

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