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When a bearing fails, it can be quite a frustrating experience. It can cause delays, or even shutdowns which can cost both time and money to recover from. Bearings are an essential component to most machines, and if a bearing fails, it can mean more than just down time. Even worse, if a component that is expensive or discontinued fails, it could very well mean that your machine might be out of commission until a suitable, though likely expensive, replacement is found. If you have a hard-to-find bearing that has been damaged, Bearing Service has services that can help. Offering bearing, spindle, and ball screw repair services, Bearing Service can help you get your machines back up and running without having to find expensive or even hard to find replacement parts.

Repair and Reclamation When Replacement is Not Possible

Bearing Service’s bearing repair services offer a cost-effective solution to replacing rare, obsolete, or even discontinued bearings. After assessing the damage to your bearings, Bearing Service will replace elements and components as necessary, and refinish the raceways so that your bearings run like new. Offering reclamation for larger quantities, your bearings will be degreased, inspected, tumbled, and reoiled to help them maintain functionality.

Repairs that Maintain the Capabilities of Precision Components

Precision CNC machine operations require parts that can handle the work, and if your machine’s spindle has been damaged, Bearing Service’s spindle repair is available. Recertifying the parts accuracy, after repair, and the replacement of bearings and seals, and reassembly of the spindle are all parts of the process, allowing Bearing Service to help return your component to its original capabilities, allowing your machine to resume functions within a matter of days.

Ball Screw Repair Provides a Steady Supply of Backup Parts

Balls screws are an essential linear motion component, and Bearing Service’s ball screw repair services help you get the most from your machine’s ball screws. If you’ve recently replaced a ball screw, you can send your old one in for repairs. Once returned, your spare ball screw will be ready to use the next time you encounter a damage related delay, but it doesn’t stop there, by using the old ball screw and by sending in the new one for repairs, you can keep yourself well supplied with spares of this linear motion component.

Custom machined parts replacements

For parts that you need specially engineered, either because the original manufacturer is out of business, or because you need a specialty part for your machines, Bearing Service offers custom machined parts that can produce production quantities of custom parts from a variety of materials.

Whatever your component needs are, even if they require specialty manufacturing, Bearing Service is ready to help with its repair and custom machining services. Contact us today to learn more about how Bearing Service can help you keep your machines running.

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