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When you need to find replacements for your machine’s linear motion components, you can count on Bearing Service to have the parts you need to get your machine back up and running. Having provided businesses with the components they need to recover from machine failures, and reduce downtime for over eighty years, Bearing Service can help connect you to some of the best linear motion components available. Carrying a large selection of linear motion products from industry leading manufacturers, when you choose to source your replacement components from Bearing Service, you can trust that you are choosing quality components from a reliable supplier.

Shop our Selection of High-Quality Linear Motion Components

Finding the right components for your machines is easy with Bearing Service. With a quote, we can do our best to help you identify any components that need to be replaced, before helping to connect you with them. Representing brands NB Corporation, NSK Corporation, and Schaeffler group, we carry quality linear motion components from some of the top manufacturers. Offering a vast selection of actuators, ball bushings, ball screws, bellows, cross rollers, pillow blocks, precision shafting, profile rails, screw jacks, and more, Bearing Service can supply your business with high quality the liner motion components you need to maintain your machines.

Repair Services to Extend the Life of Your Machine’s Components

When it comes to linear motion components, sometimes finding a replacement can be expensive. Whether you have a ball screw that has just failed that you are looking to get more life out of, or you have an obsolete cross roller that you can’t find a replacement for, the repair services offered by Bearing Service can help you to get more from your components. Offering bearing and ball screw repair services, you can take advantage of the extended life our repair services can offer your linear motion components.

Carrying linear motion components from some of the best manufacturers and providing repair services that help you to get the most out of your parts, Bearing Service can help you make sure that your machines are up and running with the precision parts they need. If you have any questions about a specific linear motion component that you need repaired or replaced, or to learn more about the linear motion components and repair services that Bearing Service has to offer, contact us today!

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