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Making sure every part of your machine is functional is important when you are in the production business, and if just one bearing fails, it can bring your machining process to a halt. Even worse, if you are relying on a machine that makes use of a bearing that is rare, obsolete, or even discontinued, it can be quite a challenge to find a replacement. Offering services in bearing reclamation and repair, and able to remanufacture discontinued bearings, the professionals at Bearing Service are ready to help your business recover. Providing customers quality repair services throughout the United States since 1943 from their centralized location in Detroit Michigan, when you choose Bearing Service, you can trust that your bearings will be restored to working condition by experienced experts.

Repair Services That Can Restore Old and Outdated Bearings

Sourcing a new bearing that is rare or discontinued can pose a challenging task. Not only would finding a replacement for a discontinued bearing that has failed be incredibly difficult, but it can also cost time and money. To help businesses recover from rare part failures, and to get more life out of components which they rely on, Bearing Service offers its repair and reclamation services. With a repair process that consists of a free inspection, replacement of rolling elements, refinishing of the raceways, and replacing the cage or races of a bearing, we can restore your machine’s bearings to working order when finding a replacement would prove to be too expensive. Able to reclaim large quantities of the same size bearings, our service in reclamation consists of degreasing, inspection for wear or spalls, tumbling, polishing, and reoiling, in order to help you get more life out of your large quantity bearings.

Repair and Remanufacturing Services for Other Components.

Whether you are in need of repair services for a linear motion or precision machining component, or are in need of a new, custom machined component to replace one that has been discontinued, Bearing Service can help. Offering ball screw and spindle repair services, as well as component machining services, Bearing Service can ensure that your machines are restored to working condition with expert repairs and high-quality custom replacements. Helping you to save time recovering from the failure of any bearing, spindle, or ball screw, as well as any other component, when you are in need of high quality component repairs and replacements, you can count on Bearing Service’s repair and remanufacturing services.

Able to repair and reclaim obsolete, discontinued, and expensive bearings, ball screws, and spindles, and able to produce custom machined parts, Bearing Service has the services your business needs to recover from any machine component failure. To learn more about the product services that Bearing Service has to offer, contact us today!

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