Wear Sleeves

Wear Sleeves are a product designed to either protect or take up an imperfection on a shaft. There are two main types of wear sleeves. The most common type is a thin walled metal sleeve that slides onto a shaft and is placed over a worn or marred section of a shaft that a seal rides on. The wear sleeve covers the shaft imperfection and allows the end user to utilize the same shaft sized seal in the application. Wear sleeves eliminate the need for an end user to have to purchase a new shaft or have a special size seal manufactured to adjust to the marred shaft. Thin walled wear sleeves are often referred to as “Speedy” sleeves in industrial applications. Wear sleeves are available for numerous standard inch and metric shaft sizes.

The other type of wear sleeve is thicker and is utilized in applications where thinner “speedy sleeves” are not available. Made to order wear sleeves are designed to be utilized in severe applications with larger shafts sizes such as rolling, metal, mineral or chemical plants. Unlike the thinner walled “speedy” sleeves that are installed after a shaft is damaged, it is recommended that the thicker wear sleeves are utilized on applications from the outset, as since they are made to size, downtime can be minimized and seal size can be standardized.

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