Martin Sprocket Introduces MPC Synchronous Sprockets


Constantly seeking to provide their clients with ways to lower their costs and increase efficiency, Martin Sprocket has recently introduced a new line of MPC Synchronous Sprockets for positive drive systems. Utilized in a range of applications, including those that require carrying more horsepower or torque, those wishing to increase usable floor space and those requiring post-use wash-downs, synchronous drives are a mainstay in the industry for their added energy efficiency. In this post, we’re going to take a closer look at these new sprockets and, more importantly, discuss how they can benefit your operation.

Available in a range of sizes

The team at Bearing Service knows that, when it comes to sprockets, one size does not fit all. Martin’s new MPC Sprockets are manufactured in an assortment of sizes, capacities and dimensions, allowing them to adapt to a range of speeds, loads and applications.

Quiet and durable

Engineered with precision in mind, the MPC Sprockets are designed to be much quieter than other options. In addition to this benefit, they require substantially less maintenance than other options, resulting in a longer lasting, more effective and cost-efficient solution.

In stock or made to order

Available in a wide range of reboreable stock bores, MPC Sprockets can also be made to order. As a result, you can be confident that your new sprockets will fit flush, creating a positive press fit.

At Bearing Service, we are proud to work alongside Martin Sprocket, a company that has been a leading manufacturer of material handling components, hand tools and transmission products since 1951. Offering a wide range of the world’s highest quality sprockets, they have proven – time and again – that they are committed to designing better products and, more importantly, providing customers with better, long-term solutions. If you’ve been looking for a new provider of power transmission products, contact us today to discuss how we can help.

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