Alemite’s New Lithium-Ion Grease Gun Increases Efficiency and Reduces Waste

Alemite Grease Gun

Recently, one of the manufacturers that Bearing Service works closely with introduced a new product: a 20 volt, lithium-ion powered grease gun that aims to increase efficiency and reduce waste in equipment maintenance applications. The gun, dubbed the Model 596, offers built-in intelligence, communicated via an innovative LCD display and protected by an impact-resistant lens and bezel.

Displaying the gun’s current settings and battery level, the display also communicates essential, task-related information, including a configurable grease meter and a grease level gauge. Aiming to ensure that operators are armed with all of the information that they need to do their job efficiently, the gun eliminates guesswork and allows operators to focus on what is most important: completing the job.

Ramping up to a maximum of 10,000 psi, the Alemite grease gun also features an integrated flashlight and multiple flow rate settings. These features, in combination with the gun’s ergonomic design, ensure that operators are comfortable and properly outfitted to perform their mission-critical tasks in a timely – and, more importantly, competent – manner.

At Bearing Service, we are constantly impressed by the attention that Alemite pays to their lubrication systems and equipment. With a reputation for designing the industry’s most cost-effective fluid handling systems, Alemite also pushes the boundaries of innovation by offering exclusive, proprietary systems, including their Cold Header Automatic Production Systems. If you’ve been looking to replace old, outdated grease guns or lubrication equipment, we encourage you to give us a call. Let us introduce you to the amazing products offered by Alemite and, better yet, let us help you run a more efficient, profitable operation.

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