What is Power Transmission? Does Bearing Service supply car transmissions or parts for them?

Power transmission (PT) refers to the transmission of motion and power from a driver to a driven shaft. Typically, power transmission is also known as mechanical power transmission, differentiating it from hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical or other methods of transmitting power and/or motion.

Mechanical Power Transmission is accomplished in one of three ways:

  • Belt drives - Power transmitted through the use of belts under tension between two or more sheaves or pulleys
  • Chain drives - Power transmitted through a chain between two or more sprockets
  • Gear drives - Power transmitted through two or more mating gears. Can be either open (exposed) or enclosed (gears inside a gear box or reducer)

Power transmission really doesn't have anything to do with automotive transmissions. Bearing Service sells industrial PT components for use in industrial equipment such as grinders, lathes, mills, screw machines, presses, and conveyors. Automotive power transmission components are best sourced through an automotive parts dealer, although we can supply some automotive bearings that are the same sizes as those used in industrial equipment.

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