I am a student deciding on a career. Bearing Service is an industrial distributor. What is that?

An industrial distributor buys product from manufacturers, warehouses it, and sells it to companies or individuals who need it. In that way, we are like a retail distributor of products, like Wal-Mart, Home Depot, or Old Navy. Except for the products we sell are industrial products, like bearings, sprockets, belts, and other components.

Our customers buy them for four reasons:

  • To fix their own equipment
  • To fix another company's equipment
  • To build new equipment
  • To resell to some other company or individual

Our customers are primarily businesses in a wide variety of industries including food & beverage, printing, manufacturing (automotive and other types), machine tool, construction, municipalities, military, and many others.

Career opportunities are available in a wide variety of positions. Like most companies, we have people in all functional areas such as Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing, Operations, Purchasing, Sales, and Warehousing. See the Employment button on our home page for currently available job opportunities at Bearing Service.

For more information about career opportunities in Industrial Distribution, visit www.industrialcareerspathway.org.

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