Thomson Introduces New Synchronization Capabilities for its Electrak HD Linear Actuators

Linear Actuators

Last month, Thomson Linear announced that it was expanding the capabilities of its Electrak HD heavy duty electromechanical linear actuators. With the ability to evenly distribute large, heavy loads using up to four actuators, the new Electrak HD models are designed to reduce the burden of moving awkward loads, such as solar panels. The synchronization is achieved by wiring the actuators in sequence after driving a single actuator with all of the load-handling technology necessary. This allows for near-instant synchronization with the flip of a single switch and means that speed changes and imbalances are eliminated without delay, hassle, or unpredictable adjustments.

The applications and uses of the new Electrak HD linear actuators are far-reaching. From large processing equipment and ergonomic patient-handling equipment to rudder assemblies and factory doors, Thomson’s new actuators are extremely versatile, extremely efficient, and – best of all – extremely reliable.

At Bearing Service, we strive to work with the best manufacturers in the industry. Thomson Linear has proven, time and time again, that they are committed to offering the absolute highest quality motors, linear bearings, linear motion systems, controls, and actuators. For over seventy years, they have maintained a commitment to producing the industry’s best motion control products. No matter your application, industry, or requirements, we’re confident that the team at Bearing Service – and the team at Thomson Linear – can get you the linear motion systems that you need.

If you’ve been searching for a dedicated, reliable distributor of power transmission and linear motion products, we’re confident that you’ll be satisfied with your decision to work with Bearing Service. We encourage you to peruse our products, reach out to us with any questions, and contact us when you’re ready to discuss your operation’s needs.

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