Regal Power Transmission Solutions Announces New High Performance Disc Couplings

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Recently, Regal Power Transmission Solutions released a new series of high performance disc couplings. Part of the Kop-Flex line, they offer reduced weight and a design that meets the requirements of turbomachinery equipment. Originally displayed at the Turbomachinery Show, the couplings boast up to 30% lighter weight and optimized engineering that reduces the amount of stress within the couplings during operation.

According to Julian Del Camp, “the Kop-Flex High Performance Disc Coupling 2.0 is an evolutionary design developed using refined classical stress calculations and advanced finite element analysis.” With the original model boasting 26 million degrees of freedom, Regal’s team spent nearly two years problem solving during the design process. The fruits of this labor – reduced stress, lowered weight and increased reliability – allow for the industry’s smallest coupling that still meets torque and API requirements.

As Regal is a company that is renowned for their innovation and commitment to producing superior products, it’s no surprise that they have – once again – risen to the challenges presented to them by their customer base. Kop-Flex, a division of the company that focuses on heavy duty industrial shaft couplings and technology, has earned a reputation worldwide for their high-quality products and, perhaps more importantly, their repair, rebuilding and recertification services.

At Bearing Service, we carry an extensive range of Regal products. With selections from all of the company’s divisions, we offer brakes, chain couplings, gear motors, rigid couplings, worm gear reduces, spherical roller bearings, taperlock bushings, electric motors and much, much more. So, if you’ve been searching for the industry’s most compact – and durable – disc couplings, we encourage you to take a look at our catalog and – of course – reach out to us if you have any questions.

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