Massive Energy Savings Achieved With Thomson PC Series Actuators

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A recent press release from one of Bearing Service’s leading partners, Thomson, has announced a shocking figure: Thomson’s customers have experienced 89% energy savings by switching from pneumatic actuators to the company’s electric PC Series actuators. This announcement comes after the company worked with Raaco International, a manufacturer of space-saving storage systems, to improve their plastic welding and injection molding systems.

Upon inspecting Raaco’s facilities, Thomson found that the company’s pneumatic actuators were showing signs of wear. Leaking air, the ill-effects of the aged actuators were immediate apparent to Thomson representatives. The actuators had been installed over sixty years ago – at a time when pneumatic cylinders were all the rage – and, as time progressed, they succumbed to pressure loss, leakage and inefficiency. As a result, Raaco was paying far, far higher energy costs than necessary and hoped that Thomson could assist.

To improve performance and energy efficiency, Thomson recommended an electric solution. The company’s PC Series electric actuators are designed to convert pneumatic to electric linear actuation, resulting in less maintenance, simplified operation and – most importantly – improved cost-efficiency. Requiring no sacrifices to Raaco’s current operations, the actuators allow for extreme accuracy, high reliability and, as indicated by the announcement, massive energy savings.

At Bearing Service, we rely on our partners and manufacturers to approach problems with the same tenacity and passion for innovation that we do. Thomson has, time and again, proven itself to be a staunch ally in this respect. As one of our many partners, they are an invaluable contributor to the many services that we offer. From electric actuators and linear bearings to precision balls and linear guides, we can help you find the bearings and power transmission products that you need to operate more efficiently, more effectively and more profitably!

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