For Food, Beverage, and Meat Processing Applications, Choose Baldor’s Quantis E-Z Kleen Gearmotors

Variable Frequency Drives

Earlier this year, Baldor – one of Bearing Service’s leading vendors – announced the release of new gearmotors designed to more efficiently address the needs of the food, beverage, and meat processing industries. The E-Z Kleen Gearmotors are designed to offer durability, dependability, and the best washdown protection on the market. With a smooth, round motor frame that allows for fast, easy cleaning, as well as a 3-year factory warranty, the company’s new gearmotors are certain to provide businesses with the peace of mind that they need to run their operations confidently.

For years, Bearing Service has relied upon Baldor as a source of the industry’s best electric motors and drives, generators, conveyor pulleys, speed reducers, variable frequency drives, mechanical power transmission components, and alternators. With a range of standard motors available off the shelf, and an unmatched selection of specialty motors – including washdown and explosion-proof – available for more specialized applications, we’re certain that the company’s catalog offers access to the essential products that our customers need.

With the addition of the Quantis E-Z Kleen Gearmotors, Baldor has – once again – proven their commitment to their mission statement, “to be the best marketers, designers and manufacturers of […] mechanical power transmission products.” The new gearmotors are certain to be adopted by high-volume operations in the food, beverage, and meat processing industries, as well as any operation where thorough, frequent washdowns are necessary.

At Bearing Service, we are grateful to have the opportunity to work with manufacturers like Baldor. Absolutely dedicated to customer satisfaction, they are continually striving to meet the demands of their – and our – clients. If you’ve been searching for new gearmotors – or any power transmission products – we encourage you to browse our site, view our catalog, and contact us if we can help.

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