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Since 1943, Bearing Service has been providing clients throughout the country with the best in bearing repair and supply services. We can meet all of your supply needs, from common parts to those that are hard to find, and even repair services for parts that are no longer in production. In addition to our supply capabilities, we can also provide your employees with the training they need to set them up for long-term success and keep your business running productively. With the proper training for your employees, they will be equipped to handle issues on-site, saving you headaches and delays of waiting on third-party service. Bearing Service can train your employees with classes on Bearing Installation & Maintenance, Linear Motion, and others, preparing them to be successful members of your team. For more information about the training classes we offer, please read further in this article.

Bearing Installation & Maintenance

The goals of this course are teaching the proper application of ball and roller bearings and how to identify the different styles. Students will also learn to avoid premature part failure by taking proper preventative measures. Students will also learn proper techniques for fitting of shafts and housings, the proper way of handling bearings, and effective lubrication techniques.

Buyer’s Training Class

By giving your maintenance staff the knowledge of how which parts and components to order and how many, your maintenance workers will also have what they need when they need it. Your business will also benefit from a better bottom line, as you won’t have a bunch of unused inventory taking up space in your facility. By completing this course, your maintenance staff will have the ability to submit accurate orders and have a full understanding of all the relevant terminology. The results are increased efficiency and profitability for your business.

Linear Motion

By completing this course, your workers will understand linear motion products and how to properly use them. With the ability to identify round and properly apply rail products, they will also know the advantages of using each. This will result in decreased downtime and smoother operation of your business.

Mechanical Belt, Chain, & Gear Drives Basics

This course is focused on the principals of mechanical belt, chain, and gear drives. Completion of this course will help your workers the ability to identify the critical dimensions and functions of the speed reducers, resulting in lower downtime and maintenance costs.

Precision Bearing & Spindle Maintenance

This course will give your maintenance staff the ability to identify precision bearings and all the proper configurations for preloading and mounting them. There is also a focus on making sure students can break down part number for the bearings, along with all other associated features.

We will make sure your employees are set up for long-term success. Contact us for more information about our training courses.

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