Stamm Industrieprodukte AG to Become a Subsidiary of KEB Automation AG

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This year, Stamm Industrieprodukte AG is set to become a new subsidiary of KEB Automation AG, the company’s tenth subsidiary. Maintaining continuity, Stamm’s former owner, Samuel Stamm, will act as the company’s Managing Director. With the aim of increasing KEB’s range of drive systems and automation products, the addition of Stamm is certain to appeal to KEB’s current customers – especially those in European markets – who are looking for a wider range of essential components and products.

Closing the deal on November 30, 2017, KEB’s directors expressed excitement over the addition of Stamm, saying, "This integration into the KEB Group means we can expand our activities in Switzerland,” adding that “with this take-over, we can bring our wide product range in Automation and Drive Systems directly onto the Swiss market, and strengthen the key aspects of the sector in the country.” Both Stamm and KEB’s existing product lines will be expanded, adding new products that include IPC-based control systems used in a range of industries, especially those who utilize CNC and motion control tasks.

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