Rexnord Unveils New Centrik-Lok Collar for ER Style Ball Bearing Applications

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One of our Bearing Service’s trusted manufacturers, Rexnord, has recently released a newly-designed, single-piece Centrik-Lok Collar that is compatible with all of its Link-Belt ER Style Ball Bearings. Smaller and more versatile, the new bearings are being marketed to a larger market than previous iterations, as they are designed to be used in a wider range of applications.

Featuring eight slots, the company’s new bearings have the same reliable, high-efficiency clamping force that industry veterans have come to rely upon. Intended to be utilized in a variety of applications, such as farming, lumber, general conveying, printing and road construction, Rexnord believes that the Centrik-Lok Collar will open up new possibilities – and markets – by offering a combination of tried-and-true performance characteristics and enhanced versatility.

Dan Gengler, a Ball Bearing Product Specialist at Rexnord clarifies, “To our customers’ delight, the new, single-piece collar is completely interchangeable with the original, two-piece collar design on all ER bearings,” says Dan Gengler, Ball Bearing Product Specialist at Rexnord […] [W]e are adding an additional option for a wider range of customers and applications. We can still accommodate the two-piece collar if customers would like to continue ordering them.”

This versatility, combined with the interchangeability with the company’s previous products and equipment, means that customers will be able to transition easily into using the newer, more efficient bearings. As a result, implementation can be performed gradually and – over time – customers can experience the benefits – both in cost and performance – offered by the company’s new bearings.

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