A Closer Look at Bearing Service’s Bearing Repair Process

Bearing Repair

When you’re finding it exceedingly difficult to source and restock your operation’s bearings, you owe it to yourself to investigate bearing repair services. As a solution to your issues, repair services are both cost-efficient and expedient, as they allow you to keep your line moving without halting while replacement bearings are located, priced, shipped, and installed. No matter the size of your operation, from a small, local manufacturer to a massive, international supplier, you can be certain that Bearing Service has the skills, experience, and tools necessary to keep your line moving. In today’s post, we’re going to take a closer look at the repair process.

Candidates for repair

Before deciding if bearing repair is right for you, it’s best to determine whether or not your bearings are a candidate. Candidates for repair and/or reclamation include bearings over 12” bore, bearings with a cost exceeding $2000, obsolete or hard-to-find bearings, and large quantities of bearings of the same size.

The repair process

Once you’ve determined that your bearings are candidate for repair, it’s time to begin the process! First, the bearings must be shipped to our repair center. Next, Bearing Service provides an inspection, typically free of charge; if there is a charge, it is waived if the bearing is later repaired. After an assessment of damage has been made, we determine the class of the repair and estimate a price and lead time. Finally, we repair the bearings and ship them back to you. It’s that easy!

At Bearing Service, we’ve been a trusted provider of bearing repair services for years. With a firm understanding of the market, we can identify candidates for repair or – if necessary – help you source replacements. If you’ve been searching for ways to keep your line running, to keep downtime and costs to minimum, contact us today to discuss our bearing repair services!

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