Keep Machinery with Discontinued Bearings Running Smoothly with Bearing Repair Services


Bearing Service offers a full range of bearing repair services for businesses throughout Michigan, the United States, and even abroad. While we do carry a full line of new parts and bearings, there are cases in which repair services can be more affordable and more successful than trying to source replacement parts. This is especially true if you are trying to prolong the life of an older piece of equipment that needs parts that are either no longer manufactured or extremely rare and expensive to acquire. Read Further for more information about how Bearing Service can help your business with bearing repair services.

Timely Solutions to Keep Your Operation Running Smoothly

Bearings that are difficult to find or completely discontinued can be a real headache for your operation. It could take you days, or even longer, to find parts that will work with your older machinery, and if you do find the right parts, the added cost due to their rarity can really cut into your budgets. Complicating the issue is your operation coming to a halt due to an irreplaceable part breaking. When you have a discontinued part break down, you need a quick, effective solution that will minimize any downtime for your production schedule. Bearing Service can provide you with timely effective repair to your rare, discontinued bearings to keep your older machinery running smoothly and keep you from overspending on rare parts for other suppliers. We have nearly 80 years of experience serving clients in Michigan and throughout the world. If you have an issue with older bearings, call us and get effective solutions as quickly as possible.

Get Solutions Through Our Simple Process

The process for our bearing repair services is a simple one. Once you ship the parts to us, we will thoroughly inspect the parts to assess the damage and identify the issues to determine what necessary repairs need to be completed to bring the parts back to life. When the strategy is in place, we will give you an estimate, laying out the cost and timeframe for completion, allowing you to determine if bearing repair is a legitimate option for your specific situation. We will also maintain an open dialogue with you throughout the entire process to ensure that you are up to date and fully aware of everything going on from the beginning of the project through completion.

If you have older, discontinued bearings for a piece of your machinery, call the experts at Bearing Service to find out if bearing repair service is the right choice for you.

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