Panther® XT Synchronous Belts by Carlisle/Timken


Panther XT BeltSynchronous Belts

Panther® XT Belt

8M, 14M

Extra high torque synchronous belt.


A powerful alternative to chain or a drop-in replacement for polyurethane belts, Panther XT is formulated for enhanced performance and strength. 


  • High modulus carbon fiber cord with high tensile strength for increased durability and reduced stretch

  • Engineered low friction fiber tooth fabric is abrasion resistant for extended belt life

  • Optimized rubber compound combines high elasticity and hardness for improved performance in harsh environments

  • Oil and heat resistant (up to 120°C / 248°F)

  • Rubber construction and special fabric design reduces high frequency noise

  • Power ratings meet or exceed competitive belts

  • Narrower drive widths reduce overhung bearing loads and overall drive cost

     Panther no sweat

    Panther XT operates with industry standard sprockets.
    Martin MPC® sprockets are recommended and are
    now available from Carlisle. Panther XT will also drop
    into existing Poly Chain® GT®2 sprockets.

    Please note that different synchronous belt types must
    be used with the correct sprocket. Compatibility
    is critical for safety as well as optimum performance

    MPC synchronous sprockets are available in:

    8mm and 14mm pitches

     - 8mm widths: 12mm, 21mm, 36mm, 62mm

     - 14mm widths: 20mm, 37mm, 68mm, 90mm, 125mm

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