LubrikoAcrotech Industries markets Lubriko greases, which are manufactured from premium grade base materials and are manufactured to exact specifications.

The Lubriko product line consists of many standard formulations as well as custom blends to meet customer specifications.

Packaging sizes range from fractions of an ounce to 400 lb. drums. Custom packaging, toll blending and private labeling is also available.

Among Lubriko's many formulations are greases with the following base materials:

  • Lithium
  • Lithium complex
  • Sodium calcium
  • Aluminum complex
  • Polyurea

Among the special formulations available from Bearing Service, Inc. are:

  • WBG - Wheel bearing grease - for automotive bearings
  • BTG - Boat trailer grease - resists washout
  • M21 - Sodium calcium #2 grease - General Motors specification

In addition, Lubriko oils are available in a variety of viscosities to meet various applications such as power transmission gear boxes. 

Here is a list of Products we carry for this Manufacturer:

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